Funny indian commercial
Indians have good and unusual sense of humor. Their commercials are full of fun.
 Indian movies
Indian movies are very unique.Fragments which you can find here can not be watched without a laughter.
 Indian music videos
In this section there are not only "parodies" on a western movies and other funny videos but also serious music.
These are site sections, not a commercial!

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Indian Video Clips

Last update: 01/04/2008
Usually indian clips are extracts from the movies. It is a matter of common knowledge that in India they will not watch a movie without a song, even if it is a thriller.

Indian twist

This is very old movie. At that time a scene like this didn't look like a comedy or a parody... >>
Indian Disco

This South Indian comedy - "Full of Joy (Ellam Inba Mayam) - is made in 1981... >>
Southindian clip

They are basically grownups, but grimace like children... >>
Traffic Jam

A small social clip... >>
Indian Food

This short movie shows Indian street food... >>
Dharbari Raga

This is an example of a classical Indian vocal... >>
Aziz Mian

The great singer - Aziz Mizn... >>

We do not know how to treat this movie - as a parody or as a true art... >>
Indian Beatles

The Beatles in Hindi language... >>
Sikhis in Moscow

Three sikhs are dancin on a Red Square... >>
Cowboy Dance

This is something unimaginable!... >>
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