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Indians have good and unusual sense of humor. Their commercials are full of fun.
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Indian movies are very unique.Fragments which you can find here can not be watched without a laughter.
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In this section there are not only "parodies" on a western movies and other funny videos but also serious music.
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Last update: 01/04/2008
Here you can find a collection of funny (and sometimes serious) indian commercial films.

Cement Hathi

That is a very nice commercial of a super-strong cement Hathi... >>
Anti tobacco commercial

This is one of many anti-tobacco indian commercials. Here the old indian traveller gives a sit to a young smoker... >>
Indian IPO

This is a commersial of IPO... >>
Mobile and Eskimo

This is a commercial of an Indian mobile company - Hutch - and MSN search... >>
Social Commercial

... >>
Markers for the Blackboards

What our organization desperately needs? Change!... >>
Citroen Commercial

It is not a Citroen commercial as we can see it on TV... >>
Monaco Chips

This is chips commercial... >>
DStv Satellite Television

In India there are few types of marriages... >>
Ragged Note

This commercial is based in untranslatable pun... >>
Heinz Ketchup

Just Heinz commercial in Indian atmosphere... >>
Godrej dvd-player

Little bit strange commercial... >>
Discounter airlines

This airlines commercial maybe is not so funny but we found it interesting enough... >>
Marker - 1

This is a very well-known commercial... >>
The Electric Gum - 2

It is yet another commercial of an indian chewing gum Centre Shock... >>
The Electric Gum - 1

Everything can be understood from the commercial, no further comments required... >>
Glycodin coughing syrup

In this commercial the guru according to indian tradition gives a name to a child... >>
Peugot 206

An Indian, dreaming about Peugot, performs repair operations on his Ambassador... >>
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